Egis Investment Partners

An investing operator's view

Egis Investment Partners is a vehicle for investment in infrastructure that relies on Egis' expertise as a long-term transport infrastructure operator. Egis Investment Partners has developed a diversified infrastructure portfolio that generates stable and secured cash flows protected from the risks of inflation.

A long-term partnership approach

Egis Investment Partners' model is based on:

  • Egis' enduring and systematic presence in the bodies managing and monitoring projects;
  • ensured regular yield on invested capital over 20 years;
  • alignment of investors' and Egis' interests within a partnership ensuring excellent risk management and relations with the public client;
  • monitoring of the infrastructure built and of its condition over time;
  • optimisation of operating and maintenance costs throughout the project,
  • systematic referral of opportunities (refinancing, etc.).

The team

A seasoned and recognised team ensures tight management of this investment platform throughout the project cycle and of the associated risks (financing, insurance, construction, opening to traffic, operation, maintenance, refinancing).

  • Rik Joosten, joint manager
  • Abdellah Benhatta, joint manager
  • Claire Gazdag, joint manager
  • Patrice Cahagne, joint manager

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