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We’re proud to lead the way in sustainable infrastructure, mobility and energy, innovating across the entire value chain and every aspect of the built environment. Whether it’s fighting climate change, cutting carbon emissions or protecting biodiversity, sustainability is at the heart of every project.

Creating a sustainable future.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been proactively pursuing an innovation policy that will help you build green infrastructure.

Our size and reach mean we’re able to tackle the climate crisis in a systematic way, offering low-carbon solutions across all our sectors.

We also practice what we preach; we’re working towards being carbon neutral by 2050. To achieve this – and help our clients do the same – the environment is a critical pillar in our strategy, CSR and innovation programme.

Our key areas of expertise:
  • Sustainable development & eco-design
  • Environmental, biodiversity & eco-engineering
  • Carbon mitigation & sequestration
  • Hydrology & hydrogeology
  • Urban requalification, reconversion & extension
  • Acoustics, waves & vibrations
  • Air & odour pollution & health risks
  • Industrial risks & safety
  • Waste, debris & asbestos management
  • Polluted & contaminated site & soil management
  • EMC & lightning protection
  • Advice & support for EU eco-label
Environmental sustainability is at the heart of all we do, from design to construction to operating green infrastructure.  
Landboost By Egis © Adobe

Landboost by Egis

Our solution for welcoming and enhancing urban biodiversity.
©Adobestock Viacheslav Lakobchuk Neat Productive Team Putting Young Plants In The Soil by Egis

Our solution to assist infrastructure managers in their carbon offsetting strategy by offering solutions on their own land.